Posted on: March 8, 2013, 6:47 am

Expertly cut and faceted gemstones sparkle, scintillate, and dazzle with exquisite luster when viewed under optimum lighting conditions. Aiming to attract a customer’s attention and highlight the beauty of fine jewelry pieces, master jewelers make very well-thought-out choices in showcase jewelry lighting fixtures to display their pieces in. Here’s a look at today’s top choices for showcase lighting in jewelry stores.

Metal Halide Lamps

ringsMetal halide lamps produce light through a mixture of mercury vapor and compounds called halides. Such a lamp is composed of a tiny fused quartz or a small ceramic arc tube (usually containing argon) enclosed inside a larger light bulb. Ballasts control the starting and operating voltages of the electric circuit.

Most jewelers find that metal halide lamps emit light that’s more intense than an ordinary incandescent bulb can produce. In addition, these lamps are much more compact and infinitely more stylish than common fluorescent lamps. More importantly, metal halide lighting provides the right quality of illumination that enables customers to truly appreciate the craftsmanship that went into the making of jewelry pieces on display. On top of that, the electric power consumption of a metal halide lamp is equivalent to that of the several incandescent bulbs needed to produce comparable illumination. This translates to reduced energy expenditures for jewelry store owners.

LED Showcase Lighting

LED lamps consist of light-emitting diodes, electronic components that convert electricity to light by the movement of electrons within their semiconductor cores. Each semiconductor is made up of positively and negatively charged portions between which electrons flow when energized, thereby creating a cool light with much lower electrical consumption than ordinary lighting

ring caseShowcase LED lighting systems are highly energy-efficient, maintain consistently lower temperatures, and can last for years. Quality LED fixtures from trusted jewelry lighting specialists like Lighting 4 Diamonds produce a consistent amount of light that never flickers or blinks, and retains its pure color. When used in display cases or as overhead spotlights, LED fixtures bring out the radiance and sparkle of fine jewelry.

To put it simply, lighting has a huge impact on the overall ambience of any jewelry store. To make the shopping experience more pleasant for every customer, jewelers can turn to the experts such as Lighting 4 Diamonds for the best showcase lighting solutions.