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We Are the LED Jewelry Lighting Experts

This is where we shine the brightest. Jewelry doesn’t produce light, it reflects it. Don’t diminish the brilliance or affect the color of your gemstones by settling for fluorescent or halogen lighting.

With our LED Jewelry lighting, you will witness amazing radiance, scintillation, and refraction. This will increase sales by illuminating your diamonds and gems in the best industry quality lighting while saving you money by consuming less energy. The most effective way to display a diamond is to use LED lighting to emphasize the colorful prismatic effect radiating through.

Benefits of Using LED Lights

There was a time when the exquisite sparkle of jewelry can only be fully appreciated and seen under natural sunlight. LED lights duplicate the unique qualities of the light emitted by the sun, thus allowing you to display your jewelry in all their radiant, striking glory.

LED Lights

Enhance the beauty, color, and cut of even the most intricate pieces. Diamonds shine with increased intensity, sparkle, and brilliance. Gold’s warmth gets highlighted even more. The pure, natural color of platinum and silver get to shine through. They also showcase the depth of color in opals, pearls, emeralds, and sapphires.

LED jewelry lighting allows you to display the accuracy of all the different colors produced by the reflective qualities of jewelry, which can impress customers and boost sales.

Provide full spectrum lighting. Color temperatures range from 4200° Kelvin ( warm color ) to 5500° Kelvin ( cool color ). The latter mimics the exact brightness of sunlight at noon.

Features durable, shock-resistant construction and may be installed quickly and easily.

Have a low electrical consumption, using only 3% of electrical power, compared to halogen lighting. This means that you can save as much as 80% on your energy bill.

Allow you to reduce your carbon footprint. A LED lamp lasts approximately 30 – 40 K hours or six to eight years under normal usage conditions. This means that when cared for properly, you won’t need to replace your lights as often as when you’re using halogen bulbs.

Give off virtually no heat. They are cooler, which means that they are comfortable working under. You also get to reduce electric consumption because you spend less on air conditioning to keep your store cool.

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