Posted on: March 12, 2014, 9:31 pm

led art lighting

I never though that LED lighting would save my art gallery so much money and make the art appear so brilliant!

I specialize in modern works from the Spanish-speaking world. The bold, the daring, the controversial, they all have a friend in me. My gallery includes a wing for the masters among masters, Dali and Picasso. I also own pieces by great artists like  Wilfredo Lam and Fernando Botero.

fernando botero paintings

All of the unconventional shapes and colors, the uncomfortable politics, the unapproachable talent – they must be seen up close to be appreciated. And there is no better place for such cutting-edge work than here, for I bathe every inch of this gallery in the Godzilla of pure light, a veritable army of LED bulbs running 5600 Kelvin color temperature, just like the noon day sun.

museum style LED lighting

Look up for a moment. Do you see the ceiling lights? Don’t look too long, please. It is like squinting into the heart of the tropical sun! My masterpieces revel in the light of day while staying safe inside this posh, environmentally controlled gallery. Yet there is no sweltering, damaging heat pouring from these lights.

They are magic LED bulbs – all light, no heat, and made to last for years with no maintenance and custom built to suit the ambiance of this unique place.

LED lighting system

Praise God for this miracle of light! Our old floodlights cost a fortune to run. Then we tried the long fluorescent tubes. Ugh! They made this house of fine culture look like an industrial warehouse! When they burned out, black spots darkened the room like ugly tooth fillings. Great art deserves better than that.

Amazing lighting for art with LED

Now, thanks to my beautiful LED lighting, each work of art can be seen in exquisite detail!

The bold colors, the eye-grabbing shapes, the amazing faces, and the wild imaginations of their creators jump out at the viewer today and forever. I have labored to create the perfect atmosphere for art appreciation. My new soothing mix of lighting, temperature and humidity combined with plush carpeting, comfortable chairs, a themed cafeteria and the comforts of a fine hotel are the best a gallery can offer.   I am privileged to offer world-class art in a facility worthy of the artists on display. The world’s top collectors love this place, too. They flock here to indulge their passion and leave with treasure. My mission is to light up the art so it may continue to light up the world every day.  Thank you you have changed the life of my business for the better!