Posted on: March 13, 2014, 4:40 pm

Artist and painter

LED lighting is the best discovery I have made as an artist since painting under the sun.

My name is Zihua Deng, and I am from China. Last year, I moved to America so I could go to school and study art at a wonderful university. I was excited to get to work on my first project, but I couldn’t find the proper inspiration.

I was born in a small Chinese farming village where I worked on my art all day long. I would set up in the middle of a field, with the sun shining bright on me as I worked. Sometimes I would wipe mud on my face to feel at-one with nature. That wasn’t really possible to do in America. I was now living in a small, dark apartment in a busy city. Let’s just say there were no big, sunny fields anywhere in sight.

a well painted piece of art

I enjoyed the way the sun felt on my skin, as I worked on my art pieces in China. So much actually, that most of my pieces were directly related to the sun. I knew I had to think of something fast if I was going to be able to finish my first project.

I made a move and searched online for lighting for artists, and I found this site that sells LED lighting for artists, jewelry stores, or anybody else who wants the same pure type of light that the sun produces.

I wasn’t sure what they were, since we didn’t have these types of fancy lights in my home village. However, I knew I needed some impressive lights if they were going to imitate the sun in my apartment. I called the store and they explained why their LED lights are amazing, and that they would help me with my situation.

The artist at work

When I made it to my apartment the next day after school, my new lights were there waiting for me. I went into the kitchen and set up my art supplies. I really needed these lights to be great.

I set up the LED lights and I turned them on. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It looked just like the middle of the day!

More importantly the light looked just like the sun did when it would shine on me in the field in China. I wasted no time, and immediately started to work on my project. I worked day and night non stop for many consecutive hours, but it didn’t matter, I had the perfect noon time sunlight day or night!

two paintings on a wall

I ended up getting an A on my first project thanks to the LED lights. In fact, I sold the piece for $9,000 to an art collector. I turned my old apartment into my art studio, and I now work there day and night with my trusted LED lights. I just put a little mud on my face, and I no longer miss that field in my home village.

I am so thankful for LED lighting for helping my art look the best that it possibly can while I am making it, and also when I display it