Posted on: March 10, 2014, 5:58 pm

Lighting for diamonds

Moishe Haramovitz sells diamonds. A lot of diamonds. This guy sells diamonds the way a fast food joint sells greasy hamburgers, only faster, and without a side of fries.

Moishe is a 4th generation diamond broker with a son who recently came of age and has expressed an interest in joining the family business. He has much to learn, especially in how mimicking the color temperature of the noon day sun with LED lighting helps all jewelers sell more pieces, and make more money.

jewelry lighting

While on vacation in Miami, young Yahalom (his dad calls him Yaha for short) asked his father, “Wtf is color temperature?” (Yaha always had a way of surprising his Father with the brash frankness of his language.)

After pausing for a moment, Moishe reached into his pocket and produced a flawless diamond that was given to him by his Grandfather, which he had carried to this very day in his pocket without a setting just for an occasion such as this.

He handed the stone to Yaha and directed him to hold it to his eye and look up into the blazing, noonday sun.

002jewelrylightingYaha looked at his father with one of those, “you gotta be kidding me” faces but, being a good boy, he complied with his father’s wishes. In a matter of seconds, Yaha winced in pain and looked to his father to ask him, “Dad, why would you have me do something as stupid as this?”

LED Lighting
The wise Moishe replied, “Son, before you had to look away, did you notice the sheer brilliance and sparkle of the stone when held up into the warmth of the noonday sun? Was it not a thing of pure beauty and majesty? Did it not fill your mind, body, and soul with the warmth of Creation and all that is Glorious?”

Yaha, rubbed his eyes in a futile attempt to remove the greenish-hued “floaters” dancing on the periphery of his vision. He turned to his father and said, “It was like staring into the Face of God. I have never seen light as beautiful before.”

005jewelrylightingHis father took the diamond from Yaha and placed it back into the velvet kerchief that had housed it for some 40 years and said, “while the Sun is the best source of light for viewing a quality stone, thanks to technology, jewelers now have access to LED light sources that can replicate the same color temperature of the sun without the side-effects of staring into a blazing ball of hydrogen fury.

“It beats going blind does it not Yaha?” said Moishe and he laughed heartily. Yaha looked at his Father and thought to himself, “my Dad is a nutjob.” After which, Father and Son continued down the street to their hotel to meet Mrs. Haramovitz for a light lunch.

jewelry display case
The point is, the color temperature of the noonday sun is the optimal condition in which to view diamonds, gold, silver, platinum, and any other precious stone or jewelry. And every jewelry store should use LED lighting to replicate it. There is only one company in the world that makes your jewels shine right, and that is See what we can do for you today!