Posted on: February 15, 2013, 7:00 am

Diamonds and other precious stones reveal their full splendor under optimum lighting conditions. For this reason, high-end jewelry shops have long ceased to use older showcase lighting fixtures that don’t always enhance the beauty of precious gems. Instead, they opt for quality LED lighting that provides aesthetic benefits and fulfills various practical purposes.

LED vs. Fluorescent

LED lamps emit the same brilliant glow as fluorescent lamps yet have remarkably different structures. Whereas fluorescent lamps are filled with mercury vapor that produces short-wave ultraviolet light, LED bulbs are made with a cluster of light emitting diodes (hence the name) lit with semiconductors. LED bulbs also typically consume less energy than fluorescent lamps.

Warm or cool?

Showcase lighting should have the right “lighting temperature” (as measured in degrees Kelvin) to bring out the beauty and sparkle of jewelry. Cool light has a bluish and white glow, while warm light is slightly yellowish or orangey. Warm light that ranges from 3000K to 3500K and approaches a white or neutral appearance is considered ideal for jewelry showcase LED lighting since it creates a more inviting atmosphere and provides the ideal amount of illumination.

Accent lighting

Warm accent lighting projected onto or built inside glass cases help call attention to the items displayed within. LED lighting is ideal for this function because it provides optimum brilliance yet emits less heat and does not use as much energy as fluorescent lighting. With the right LED accent lighting fixtures installed, glass cases often don’t feel hot to the touch.

Warm ambient lighting

Warm lighting is often associated with romantic candlelight and luxury. This explains why ambient lighting in most jewelry shops often has a warm glow. To create the right mood, some jewelry stores choose the kind of LED lighting that allows them to set the right lighting temperature.

Low-watt requirements

LED bulbs emit powerful light, are easy to control, and consume less electricity. In fact, quite a number of stadium headlights now consist of LED lights. Meanwhile, the jewelry industry relies on quality LED light fixtures from companies like Lighting 4 Diamond Inc that enhances the jewelry buying experience of every customer.