Posted on: January 16, 2013, 3:53 pm

Showcase Lighting Fixtures: Enhancing the Brilliance of Jewelry

It is not immediately noticeable, but good showcase lighting can bring out the best in display pieces in jewelry stores. Good lighting enhances the brilliance and prismatic qualities of diamonds and gemstones, revealing how smoothly polished and expertly cut they are. Much of the quality showcase lighting fixtures used in jewelry stores are very bright—emitting a cool, white glow which can accentuate the brilliance of jewelry.

LED LightsAside from the showcase lighting used for jewelry stores, the glass cases and stands for the jewelry items have overhead lighting. LED bulbs are recommended for showcase lighting because they are as brilliant as they are energy-efficient. The intense and steady lighting of LED lamps is also ideal because it produces little to no heat, which protects the merchandise from damage of that kind.

LED showcase lighting fixtures are highly recommended because they are more reliable than incandescent lights and fluorescent lights. Unlike incandescent and fluorescent lights, LED showcase lighting is made with a cluster of light-emitting diodes that individually release intense light from electric energy. The LED bulbs emit as much light as a fluorescent light bulb for a lower wattage.

Because LED light bulbs require a lower wattage to produce bright light, these are cost-efficient choices for jewelry stores. LED bulbs vary in shape and size, so they can be used in cases and stands that are also of varying shapes and sizes. These are designed to last a long time, and cannot be as easily damaged as fluorescent lights. Moreover, LED light bulbs are not as dangerous as fluorescent lights when they’re damaged.
LED lighting is especially suitable for diamond jewelry stores because the concentrated light of these fixtures enhances the brilliance of individual diamonds. The gemstone’s ability to give off spectral colors in response to white light creates a magnificent effect when they are displayed in their cases. The internal facets of the diamonds can also be clearly seen when illuminated with LED lighting.

Jewelry lighting companies like Lighting 4 Diamonds, Inc also supply metal-halide lamps for outdoor lighting and safety lighting. Metal-halide lamps are commonly used as automobile headlights and stadium lighting. However, these can also be used for stores, galleries, and medical facilities, where their bright light is evenly distributed.