LED lighting
Lighting 4 Diamonds is the greatest. They told me that my electric bill will go down drastically and it did. I know save over $400 a monthly since I made the switch from my metal halide lamps to their Par38 LED's.Naveen, Shalimar Jewelers
Great company to work with, My sales have increased to over 20% Percent by making the change to L4D Par38 led's.Maria, Maria Jewelry Aventura Mall
Unbelievable products and service. My jewelry never looked better. Dont miss out on the BEST In-Showcase LED I have ever seen. You have to try TITAN...
I was skeptical about trying out LED lighting, Lighting 4 Diamonds made it easy. They gave me a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee that made me feel like I have not actually bought anything yet. I then remodeled my entire store with the same Par38 LED Lamps.
I needed my track setup for the JIS show in Miami Beach, I could not believe that Lighting 4 Diamonds went through the trouble of not only creating a new design for me. But cut everything to size and deliver it to my booth. Thanks L4D...Aarons Jewelry
Lighting 4 Diamonds designed my booth along with provided and dropped off all of the LED Lighting for me at the Trade Show, Come by and see how beautifully lit my jewelry looks...Abhey Jeet, Sanghavi Diamonds
Go Lighting 4 Diamonds, this company has done it. I was told by numerous companies that we could not have Par38 LEDs on a 277Volt Track System. Lighting 4 Diamonds engineered a Par38 LED that works great.Adam, Avenutra Jewelry Exchange
What a light, I never thought LED's could look so good. I designed my entire booth with L4D Products. Thank you for all of your help.Sammy, Americas Gold
The staff at lighting 4 Dimoands is incredible, they are not only experts in LED Lighting Design. They are friendly and very helpful. Thank you for making my booth shine.Nilesh, Atit Diamonds
TITAN, I never thought my jewelry would sparkle and dance like it did when under TITAN. Truly a terrific product.
My diamonds never looked so good...Kenny, Blue Ray Diamonds
When you think T8 replacements think L4D. There the best...Richard, Brenny Jewelers
I redid my entire store with Lighting 4 Diamonds Daybrite Strip LED, Unbelievable what LED's can do.John Gaft, Certified Jewelers
Lighting 4 Diamonds is very easy company to work with. I had a deadline date to get all of my lights in. L4D worked overtime to prepare and ship my entire order in one day. Thanks L4D...Christopher, Christopher Diamonds
YOUR THE BEST, Thank you everyone at Lighting 4 Diamonds...Mehendra, Colors Jewelers
Where were companies like you all of my life. I never thought I could work on changing my own lights. L4D made it possible.Nick, DKN Jewelry
L4D worked with me for over one month to make sure that I got the perfect lighting solution for my store. They really came through for me.Andray, Eastern Jewellery International
I have never seen a Par38 LED with so much power, Its like having the sun without the heat in your store 24/7.Reeta, Fishing for Gold
I have been in business for over 35 years. Metal Halide is out, LED's are in. Get with Lighting 4 Diamonds and make the swith TODAY...You'll be glad you did...Freddy, Freddy jewelers
I was fed up with the Halogen bulb. Too hot, too yellow. Lighting 4 Diamonds came to the rescue...Gabriel. Gabriel Jewelry